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Correct level of loft insulation Enlarged loft hatch by 1st Callout builders of Cosgrove

Loft Ladders - supplied & fitted from £330 inclusive

For high levels of safety and quality 1st Call-Out recommend and fit ‘Deluxe Wooden’ loft ladders and ‘Grand Wooden’ loft ladders. They are sturdily manufactured from larch wood, stronger and more durable than pine with the added benefit of ease of use. The ladders are sprung and counter balanced and with an integral insulated hatch ensures that the loft ladder stores away using the minimum of loft space. These superior loft ladders are available in four different sizes and come with metal safety/hand rails included.

1st Call-Out Loft Space Flooring suspended floor system - from just £28 per sq m inclusive

Our expertly fitted, quality boarding system protects your loft insulation allowing it to remain at the correct thickness  for optimum heat retention - saving you money on fuel bills. Insulation will no longer be compacted by boarding or loft contents and the investment will not only improve the functionality of your loft but could save you money in the long term by retaining the efficiency of your original insulation.

The picture shows the correct level of insulation needed (100mm between then 200mm across). You can see that a raised floor is needed for a safe loft storage area. Our suspended flooring system ensures that loads are spread more evenly and your loftzone can be used more effectively. If required, and if the loftzone structure is suitable, we can supply and fit loft legs as an alternative solution. We now also offer the new loft ledge system.

Loft Hatch Enlargement

Not all loft hatches cope with a loft ladder, and sometimes the position can be in an awkward place. 1st Call-Out provide an enlarged loft hatch in the existing position or to make access easier we can re-position a new insulated loft hatch to suit your requirements. This will improve access with a fully insulated loft hatch and integral deluxe loft ladder system.

Loft hatch by 1st Callout Builders of Milton Keynes

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Deluxe wooden loft ladder supplied and fitted by 1st Callout